If You Already Have a Site

Improving Your Existing Site

OpenBlue's inventory systems can be built into your existing site.  Or, if you want to replace an outdated site we can do that too.


Overview of an OpenBlue smartSite

Flyers & Catalogs

Introduction to The Jewellery Section

Video on OpenBlue Sites

Video is one of the strongest areas of growth on the Internet and OpenBlue sites offer full support for any video you or your suppliers have available.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people will find your site through a search engine like Google.  OpenBlue sites come with a basic level of optimization right of of the box.  Some people will tell you need to run Google ads to get people to visit your site and that works when you spend alot, both with Google and whoever runs your campaign for you.  But far less expensive is to have us go through your individual OpenBlue site and 'tune it' so that people will find you by searching rather than ads.

Business Intelligence – Watch Your Customers Shop Every Week

Live 3D Rings on Your Site – Only from OpenBlue