We're Jewellers Too

…and that's why when we offer services to retailers and suppliers, we do so with a full understanding of how the industry works and how consumers shop on the internet.


For Retailers – A Site that Drives Sales

From OpenBlue you can get a web site that's designed and built specifically for jewellers for a $350 set-up fee and $70/month.  That means you can get a site that looks like it cost $12,000 for a small fraction of that.  The inventory is updated by the suppliers and/or OpenBlue and you don't have to worry about or pay for hosting.  Customers shop on the site and come into the store to buy.  It's fast, easy, inexpensive and extremely effective.  Most of our clients pay for your entire year from the first engagement ring sale you get from their OpenBlue site.

Either we can manage your whole site or we can training you and/or your staff to do some or all of it yourselves.  Our smartSites are as easy to edit as a Microsoft Word document.  Support is included and you can call us any time.

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For Suppliers – Ads That Drive Sales and Build Brands

OpenBlue runs the largest network of retail jewellery sites in Canada.  We offer suppliers online advertising programs that are more effective and cost of fraction of print advertising in trade magazines.

Using our smartAds system, your flyers, catalogues and other marketing materials can be built into retailers' sites giving your products exposure in local markets that they wouldn't otherwise have.

We also offer advertising suppliers the ability to list their non-branded inventory on our network of retail sites for free.

Finally, OpenBlue can build your company's online ordering system for retailers.  Let your customers place their orders online on weekends and evenings.  We've seen suppliers gain business from more established players just by having a convenient ordering system.

More and more, retailers' business is going to suppliers who provide them with online advertising support through OpenBlue and convenient ordering systems.

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